Jackson is depicted as a major nerd in the webisodes and specials, though he seems to possess a wicked sense of humour ("Oh I fit in... my locker, trash cans... you'd be surprised what those guys fit me into"). In Book 2, "The Ghoul Next Door", this Heath is revealed to be a RAD (monster) when he sneezes fire. You can hear me as the voice of Frankie Stein in Monster High:", "Clawdeen Wolf - Monster High Characters - Monster High", "Doll Teaches 5-Year-Old Girls About Plucking & Shaving", "Cleo de Nile - Monster High Characters - Monster High", "The Monster High Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward - CINEMABLEND", "Fangs And Fishnets For The Win: 'Goth Barbie' Is Monstrously Successful", "ULA D. Trademark - Serial Number 77311510 :: Justia Trademarks", "Apply for a Trademark. Deuce's first name is clearly, obviously named after part of Medusa's name by Sander, the "dus" part, such as "Meh-DEUCE-uh". Frankie Stein (voiced by Kate Higgins in 2010–15,[a] Cassandra Morris in 2016–present[9][10]) is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his bride and the granddaughter of Victor Frankenstein's (since Victor had built her parents). Cleo's most distinguishing characteristic is her blue rhinestone tiara and large gold earrings, a sure sign of her royal heritage. To show their love and commitment for eachother with matching hair. Girls could really relate to that because that's part of what they're thinking of these days. She is among the tallest ghouls in school standing at 15 ft. and comes from the nomadic Freak du Chic lifestyle where she had worked in the circus and its Scarnivals as the ringmaster. Despite being long-time friends since younger youth, he finally falls for Draculaura in Volume 2, and she did the same thing for him, but first. M. Enois Duarte, a DVD reviewer for Hi-Def Digest described her as "a zombie outsider with a chip on her shoulder who speaks from her dead-hearted, prejudiced and undiplomatic gut.". The following characters are exclusive to the book adaptions of this franchise: Melody Carver is the co-protagonist of the Monster High novels by Lisi Harrison. Her skin design is like the body of a tiger. Streaks add great style to your hair. On school days, she secures her hair into pigtails and wears a pink zipper top with a ruffled white collar and fishnet fabric sleeves, paired with a white miniskirt and girly pink boots. [68] Her clothes include a black skirt with gold foil print of treasures that can be reversed to a blue satin skirt that looks like a treasure map. He was originally referred to as Rider in the webisode, which may be a nickname. He looks a little less like a unicorn because he only has a tail, a horn, and rainbow hair. She has blue, black and gold streaked hair, and purple eyes. The Belgravia Centre is the leader in hair loss treatment in the UK, with two clinics based in Central London. She carries a doctor-inspired purse and a walking stick. [199], Twyla (voiced by Jonquil Goode)[200] is the daughter of the Boogey Man. [148], Posea Reef (voiced by Paula Rhodes)[123] is the daughter of the sea god Poseidon. character: *gets a white streak in their hair to symbolise that they’ve been through extreme stress and/or trauma* me aged 9: 1 year ago 62,357 notes. She has long black hair with greenish-yellow streaks, eyes that have no irises, and likes to wear clothes that have green in them. In her storyline, she transfers to Monster High to avoid the publicity that came from appearing out of the Loch. For those who live in or around London, we always recommend a clinical consultation. In the web series, Jackson is related to Heath Burns (they are cousins) but through which parent hasn't been clearly explained. [54], Catty Noir (voiced by Missi Hale)[55] is also the daughter of a werecat. She has light green hair, brown eyes, pale white skin and white wings. Lagoona Blue (voiced by Laura Bailey in 2010–2015, Larissa Gallagher in 2016–Present) is the daughter of the Gill-man Wade Blue and a sea nymph, who is all fish. He has the ability to heal thanks to his unicorn horn. [202] She was among the 13 Wishes dolls that won the TimeToPlayMag.com People's Play Award for Fashion Dolls / America's Wishlist in 2013. She has curly blue and black hair and metallic bronze skin that shows rivets and plates as with a robot. Her major appearance is in Monster High: Boo York, Boo York where her style rivals that of Nefera de Nile. The "Asian hair streak" isn't a new concept — the wiki TV Tropes has a whole section on it, and there have been quite a few Tumblr posts discussing the topic. Heath has yellow skin, red eyes and orange hair that bursts into flame when he's excited. His doll has very pale blue/grey skin that fades to transparent blue are his feet. [6] Her doll was released in 2011. Alternative spellings for Kjersti Trollsøn include Kjersti Trollson and Kjersti Trollsonn, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Natali Germanotta On The Special New Look She Just Designed for Her Sister, Lady Gaga", "Mattel Brings the Girl Power to Comic-Con - Huffington Post", "Goth Barbie Dolls Are Best Sellers: Mattel's Monster High Line Includes 'Draculaura,' 'Frankie Stein' And 'Clawdeen Wolf' [PHOT", "Goth Barbie Doll Becomes 2nd Bestselling Doll in the World - Behind Only Barbie Herself (PHOTO, VIDEO)", "Comic-Con: The Full Schedule for Friday, July 13 - ComingSoon.net", "New Role Announcement! [83] Her doll first appeared as part of the Student Disembody Council 5-pack released in 2014. [13], Cleo de Nile (voiced by Salli Saffioti)[11] is the daughter of the Egyptian mummy named Ramses de Nile. [163], Viperine Gorgon (voiced by Yeni Alvarez)[210] is a gorgon daughter of Stheno, whose sister is Medusa. His pet is a two-tailed rat which he named Perseus after Perseus who Medusa clashed with in her past. In "The Hot Boy", he was shown to be Draculaura's short-lived crush. She is very shy, and likes to sleep and hide under people's beds. [203][204] The 13 Wishes dolls were also nominated for Toy Industry Association's Girl Toy of the Year in 2014. [152][153] The sisters' dolls have been released as a 2-pack,[154] and also as a 3-pack with fellow Werecat Toralei as Fearleaders. It can be a temporary condition, and many people see their hair grow back after a period of time, either naturally or as a result of treatment for Alopecia Areata. Originally in the diaries, it was the sun setting that triggered Jackson's transformation into his alter ego. She has a purple pet kitten named Crescent. His diary explains that the trigger is likely to change several times as he ages before finally settling. She is the daughter of the Headless Horseman. She is an aspiring screamwriter who studied drama in Londoom and is hoping to make a career in Hauntlywood. Amanita Nightshade (voiced by Heather Moiseve)[28] is a plant monster who is titled the "bad seed of the Corpse Flower". She plays a coffin-shaped guitar. She has multi-colored blue, purple and black hair. Find out about the clinics and why our medical facilities and hair loss products set us aside from the rest, and meet our team of more than 70 members of staff. Catty Noir is also Invisi Billy's BFF. She has a baby wooly mammoth named Shiver. Her pet is a gargoyle griffin named Roux. Clawdeen's greatest strengths are her physical capabilities of being a werewolf --- she possesses immense strength and speed, especially during the full moon, but this also makes her prone to bad moods and a fiery temper. However, she is lactose intolerant; her favorite food is sharp cheddar cheese made of rice. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Frankie is that she has heterochromia--- her right eye is blue whilst her left eye is green. Lagoona is a kind and friendly ghoul who loves swimming. [61][62], Clawdia Wolf (voiced by Joni Goode)[63] is the daughter of the werewolf. The Belgravia Centre is the UK's leading hair loss clinic for a reason! They tried to date once, but Holt's hot temper spoiled things. This is confirmed at the end of the third novel. *Results may vary and are not guaranteed. In 2014, she and her band played at Monster High. What Causes People To Grow White Streaks of Hair? In the cartoon, she wears a green dress and a green hairband. [129] She has pink and blue hair, and wears pink bit-framed glasses, an aqua helmet with horns, a black and pink dress. Clawd is the Big Monster on Campus and plays on the casketball team with Deuce. [131] Graeme Ambrose, of Loch Ness Bid organization praised the concept: "The monster is shrouded in mystery and perhaps slightly scary in a nice way for children and it is therefore of little surprise that Mattel have chosen to introduce this character, daughter of the Loch Ness Monster. Due to her being a vegan, she faints at the sight or mention of blood. Despite that, Deuce genuinely loves Cleo and wrote a song to express his feelings for her. She is very similar to her mom and she is very curious. She wears a yellow netted boots and belt. [6], Peri and Pearl Serpentine (voiced by Rachel Staman and Cherami Leigh)[123] are the two-headed daughters of the Hydra, first introduced as part of the Great Scarrier Reef special and product line. She has a pet scorpion named Sultan Sting. Brother Voodoo, has … Alopecia is often caused by sudden shock or extreme stress, resulting in patches of hair falling out. She was presented at the San Diego Comic Con in 2014. Generally, poliosis involves a single tuft of white hair, but the hair doesn't have to be on a person's scalp. [30] Her doll debuted in 2015. His skin is bright blue, his eyes are red and he has fiery-colored hair. I am sure that it will have many children begging their parents to take them to Loch Ness which can only be of benefit to the area. She escaped with Magneto screaming Bobby's name as he sacrificed himself to get her to safety and was incinerated by a Sentinel. [158] She wears a candy coated print, purple chains, and chain-linked boots. Cupid's arrows. People Want to Know Why So Many Asian TV Characters Have the Same Colored Streak in Their Hair Tina from Glee , Lane from Gilmore Girls , and so many more. Draculaura is one of the most popular ghouls at school, due to her friendliness. hide. Her original name was Ula D. as filed in the trademark by Mattel back in 2007.[19][20]. [70][71][72], Elissabat (voiced by Karen Strassman)[73] is the daughter of the Vampire and the heir to the Vampire Queen's throne. [40], Batsy Claro is the daughter of the White Vampire Bat. In the episode "Bad Tomb-mates", she reveals that she and Cleo were rivals. We just noticed girls were into darker goth fashion." 3 comments. I’d just like to see more East Asian women portrayed differently. She enjoys sculpting and is fond of architecture. [127][128], Kjersti Trollsøn[b] is the daughter of a mountain troll. If you’re worried about patchy hair loss, arrange to speak to a hair loss specialist as soon as possible. Powdered hair/wigs -- Unisex style worn from about 1760’s to 1820; after 1740 men were wearing shorter, simpler wigs and began to powder their own hair. She also wears blue boots that pull off to reveal gold coins. She wears red lantern earrings, and jade colored shoes of which the heels are carved with lions. Her doll glows in the dark. The smartest ghoul at Monster High, Ghoulia is a shy and bookish girl, but Cleo de Nile refuses to let her be the wallflower at a party. His eyes are blue. She grew up talking mainly to animals, and attends Monster High so she can interact more with monster teens like herself. She has the best fashion sense in school, and aspires to be a star fashion designer. [133], Luna Mothews is the daughter of the Mothman, first appearing in Monster High: Boo York, Boo York. Porter falls in love with Spectra Vondergeist in "Haunted," but decides to continue attending Haunted High instead. Jericho Drumm, a.k.a. [69] She is featured in the Shriek Wrecked line of Monster High dolls introduced in late 2015 and showcased at Mattel's Toy Fair 2016. Both have dark gray fur, though Purrsephone's hair is predominantly black with a single white streak with black highlights on it, and Meowlody's hair is predominantly white with a single white strand with black streaks on it. Unfortunately, she forgets to delete it and it gets in the hands of Bekka Madden, a RAD hater and primary antagonist of the series. He is 16 years old and hopes to get his driver's license soon. [174][175], Sirena Von Boo (voiced by Paula Rhodes)[26][176] is a hybrid monster: her father is a ghost, and her mother is a mermaid. She is sometimes described as an "air fin" (airhead) because she loves to daydream and follow her imagination. She first appears in 13 Wishes near the end. The very first and most popular character … [89] Her doll was released in 2015 for the Freak du Chic line. There are a number of reasons why someone might develop Poliosis, including inflammation in the area, fungal infections and reactions to medication. ). 1. She has a drifting personality. His petrifying stare does not work on gargoyles which he learns by bumping into Rochelle Goyle. Here are 6 Characters Whose Hair Suddenly Turned White! [15] Her boyfriend is Deuce Gorgon.[14]. Arrange a free consultation at one of our Central London clinics. Although she has a body of a horse, she does not like to be ridden like a pony ride. Mattel conducted a poll at the convention as well as online as to which of the three would be made. Her clothing includes a red plaid beret, shirt, and tartan skirt. She has white hair with blue, pink and purple streaks; and blue skin. [6], Rochelle Goyle (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald)[26] is the daughter of the Gargoyles. Cleo is the most popular ghoul in school. She can only speak in the zombie language (moans and groans) due to physical limitations that all zombies have. In Jemima’s case, the hair has remained white, but after a period of time it is possible that hair will return to its normal colour. Although introduced as one of the six Original Ghouls,[21] she was no longer listed among them following the 2016 reboot of Welcome to Monster High.[22][23][24]. Clawdeen is portrayed as a brown-skinned werewolf with chocolate brown curly hair and pierced ears. She has long blue hair and brown eyes, but has brown deer ears. See also White Hair, Black Heart, which is where having white hair is a sign of evil instead of magic, superpowers or otherworldly origins; an albino power's white hair being seen as a sign of evil or the supernatural may be indicative of Albinos are Freaks. She wears a hat in the shape of an open treasure chest and parrot earrings. One of her doll costumes was a colored blue top and black pants with gold detail. Another cause for distinctive white stripes in hair is regrowth following a hair loss conditioncalled Alopecia Areata. Ash Ketchum from Pokemon The Series. [160] She is one of the three main characters along with Rochelle Goyle and Venus McFlytrap in the Ghoulfriends series by Gitty Daneshvari. He has a blue unicorn-horn, and wears a ponytail with a strand of hair coming down the left side of his face. She has short pink hair, large horns, and gold skin. [181] Her favorite activity is anything having to do with the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Ghoulia is well known to be a hardcore fan of "Dead Fast", an in-universe comic book series. [218] Melody has just recovered from rhinoplasty that was meant to help her with her breathing, but is implied to have been mostly to please her parents' family image. Her favorite activity is being a DJ where she produces dance music. ", "Purrsephone And Meowlody - Monster High Characters - Monster High", "Purrsephone & Meowlody - Werecat Sisters - Monster High", "Monster High Action Figure Doll 2Pack Gift Set Werecat Sisters Meowlody Purrsephone", "EXCLUSIVE Monster High 3-PACK FEARLEADING Werecats TORALEI Meowlody and Purrsephone", "River Styxx - Monster High Characters - Monster High", "MONSTER HIGH™ Haunted Student Spirits™ River Styxx™ Doll - Shop Monster High Doll Accessories, Playsets & Toys - Monster High", "Monster High SDCC 2016 Robecca Steam and Father Hexiciah Dolls 2-Pack", "Ghoulfriends Forever (Monster High: Book 1) in at Strand Books", "Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun by Gitty Daneshvari - Scholastic.com", "Who's That Ghoulfriend? [147] She has a pet spider named Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs. She prefers to keep her heritage a secret. She and her family are from Beverly Hills and moved to Salem, Oregon to help with Melody's asthma. She wears a snake necklace, jeweled earrings and a gold hairpiece. To find out more, read our, Jemima Khan Experiences Hair Loss After Holiday Trauma. When on land, Gil has to wear a water-filled helmet over his head in order to breathe, though "Hatch Me if You Can" and the Gloom Beach arc shows that he can be on land for a short period of time without it. However, since all of her prior knowledge about teen relationships came from magazines, she can be a bit naive and inexperienced in teenage issues. ", Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derryberry)[16] is the daughter of Count Dracula and is 1,600 years old. She enjoys playing video games; her handbag is shaped like a video game console controller. Kiyomi is the purple-haired daughter of the Noppera-bō (Faceless Ghost). River has purple skin which is transparent on her lower limbs so that her bones are visible. Oscar Pistorius Displays White Streaks Likely Following Alopecia, During His Murder Trial. [136], Moanica D'Kay is a daughter of the Zombies. She has dark black and purple hair with some red streaks. A white/grey streak is known as a Mallen streak and it is an example of poliosis – which in short means an absence of melanin in the hair which results in a white streak. Their clothing consists of striped top, striped skirt, and a red/black vest, and they wear bracelets. [29] She is very vain and likes being the center of attention. Log in or sign up to leave a … His favorite food is "Greek Fusion" (his own creation). [178][179], Skelita Calaveras (voiced by Laura Bailey)[180] is the calaca[181] daughter of Los Eskeletos. Many people opt for hot and bright shades that make their hairstyle stand out and look punk. They were holding the world on their shoulders for too long. These women rock the colors they wear ― and if you’d like your character to have a blue streak, go for it! One of her life goals is to spread love to the world. He is the oldest child still living in his parents' house. From his zombie side, he has grey zombie-skin, and a marking on the left side of his face around his eye. As can be seen from her clothes and closet, her favourite colour is pink. He loves drama, particularly special effects which are his forte. She has a pet baby blue owl named Sir Hoots-a-Lot. White streaks in those with Piebaldism often mimic those seen in films – a white streak that begins at the forehead and sweeps back, called a “forelock”. Melody's family is neighbors with Jackson Jekyll, whom Melody eventually dates. [57] Another outfit has her in a purple and silver dress with silvery shoulders and bodice treatment, blue shoes, a headband with cat ears, silver necklace, and pink fingerless gloves. [33] In the cartoons, she first appeared in the Welcome to Monster High film. It can be prominently seen on BoBoiBoy Fire in Galaxy, and was briefly seen in BoBoiBoy: The Movie. Heath was first seen as a background character in "Substitute Creature". 96% Upvoted. [172][173] She made her official debut in 2013 San Diego Comic-Con with her Webarella costume. The worlds largest collection of hair loss success stories, with photos and comments from patients who are using our treatment programmes. [135], Marisol Coxi is the daughter of South American Bigfoot and becomes an exchange student to Monster High from her homeland of Monster Picchu (a play on Machu Picchu). Holt Hyde (also voiced by Cindy Robinson) is the alter-ego version of Jackson Jekyll and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde, who Jackson turns into when loud music plays (when he sweats in the Lisi Harrison novels). Afterwards, Gigi is freed from her lamp and her shadow Whisp takes her place as granter of wishes so she can then attend Monster High as a student. Her face also glows as she sings. She also loves Gloom Beach and playing water-volleyball. kiritodobakudeku... who are these characters? [172][173] Scarah Screams won the poll; her official doll was released at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. [4] Kiyomi Haverly, Mattel's design vice president, said "Honestly, it was very surprising to us. She loves nature and protecting the environment. [114][115] She has appeared in multiple Monster High doll lines, including Scaris: City of Frights,[116][117] Freak du Chic,[118] Ghouls Getaway,[119] New Scare-mester[120] and Gloom & Bloom[121] Jinafire was inspired by Mattel Monster High toy designer Rebecca Shipman's travels through Asia, as indicated at their panel in SDCC 2012. [44][45], Bonita Femur (voiced by Geeg Friedman)[38] is a hybrid monster: her father is a Mothman, and her mother is a skeleton. She aspires to be a cinematographer,[90] and her doll accessories include a video camera and a clapboard. [88] She was the featured character in the Freak du Chic webisodes. Frankie is the sweetest and kindest girl at Monster High, believing strongly that everyone's flaws make them unique. [27] She is mostly alongside Ghoulia Yelps as her translator. Vincent's is to the side and Cole's is behind the ear. He is first mentioned in Draculaura's diary where he unsettles her father by telling him he needs to "drive a stake into something". He is also overprotective of his sisters Clawdeen and Howleen according to "Fright On!". Being a Mummy and preserved for many years, her appearance is that of a 16-year-old girl but is actually over 3,000 years old. fabfamily99 posted over a year ago [144], Operetta (voiced by Cindy Robinson)[145] is the daughter of Phantom of the Opera. The 2001 novel Shock by Robin Cook mentions a character with the disorder. She transferred with other hybrids to Monster High. Deuce is dating Cleo, who seems to always find new ways for him to spend all his money on her. [39][40] She also has black feathered wings that fade to green. [85], Gooliope Jellington is the creation of an unnamed scientist. In addition to the listed Ghouls and Mansters, there are other characters who have been introduced in the franchise's related media including the web/video and book series. She has purple and blue hair, white pearlescent skin, and silver mermaid tail that is black near the tip. (His Swim Class doll is missing this detail however). [76][211] Viperine's doll was designed by Natalie Villegas,[6] and was released as part of the film's characters.[77]. She is the daughter of Alice. On school days, she wears a leopard-print top, a leather jacket and a purple miniskirt paired with matching stockings and grey platform boots. She has bright orange hair and blue-green skin with webbed hands and a tail. To function, she is powered by electricity and has to be recharged every night. [146] Operetta's doll was designed by Natalie Villegas. However, she has a habit of "borrowing" people's stuff and later disappearing. [43] She was introduced with the Brand Boo line as an exchange student from Ghosta Shrieka (alternatively Ghosta Rica, a play on Costa Rica). [155] The profile art was done by Darko Dordevic. Ghoulia Yelps (vocal effects provided by Audu Paden) is the bespectacled daughter of a zombie couple and Cleo's personal assistant and best friend. Her hair is blue, pink and purple. [111] Her doll was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013,[112] and her first appearance in the cartoons was in the two-part episode "Boolittle". [36], Astranova is the daughter of the Comet Aliens, first appearing in the video Monster High: Boo York, Boo York. She has aqua blue and white hair, pink eyes, light aqua skin, and a pink wooden peg leg. Her first speaking role was on "Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef". She has a pet saber-tooth tiger cub named Sweet Fang. Once your hair follicles lose melanin, they can’t produce it on their own. She is a movie star who goes by the stage name Veronica Van Vamp, which she considers her alter ego. This HairGlamourista article tells you how to streak your hair. She has a mix of white, pink, and light blue hair, pink eyes, light grey skin, and wings. Cole and Vincent both have a patch of grey/white hair, both on the right side of their heads. [184][185][186] A doll version where she is only shown as a skeleton drew criticism from bloggers and media writers about anorexia and body image. [163] She appeared at the New York City Toy Fair in 2012,[166] and again in 2014 for the Zombie Shake line. She has magenta hair with a blue streak, pink eyes, and dark skin as a black cat. Alopecia is often caused by sudden shock or extreme stress, resulting in patches of hair falling out. Cleo is portrayed as a beautiful auburn-skinned girl with rich black hair and gold highlights. BoBoiBoy is a young boy with brown eyes, light skin, and black hair that pokes out from under his cap. You can also phone 020 7730 6666 any time for our hair loss helpline or to arrange a free consultation. Cleo's catchphrase is: "Oh my RA! Starting out as gassy outbursts, Heath's ability is still dangerous. [134] Her style is described as "goth-moth". Her clothing is mostly green. Heath Burns (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in Volume 1, Cam Clarke in the other volumes) is the teenage son of two Fire Elementals. Their clothing consists of striped top, striped skirt, … He's depicted in the webisodes and specials as rather excitable and loud. He often calls Abbey "baby" which she corrects him over constantly, telling him her name is Abbey not Baby. Bloodgood is a good friend of Abbey Bominable's parents and lets Abbey stay at her home during the school week. In the Polish version of Monster High webisodes, his name is Ross Burla and in the French EU he is named Thomas Cramé. She is good friends with Ghoulia Yelps and is involved in various creative projects including illustrating and sewing. In the case of white streaks due to Alopecia, the patches are less likely to be at the front of the forehead and more likely to be patches on the top or sides of the scalp. Her doll was first previewed at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2012,[51][52] and would later appear in the cartoon Scaris: City of Frights and as a Wal-Mart exclusive in 2013. [159] She was presented by Monster High designer Garrett Sander at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2014. She likes to talk a lot, adores romantic sentiments and her favourite class is creative-writing. They share the same body, but have two different heads: Peri has dark blue hair while Pearl has platinum blonde hair. [181][193][194], Spectra Vondergeist (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald)[26][195] is the daughter of The Ghosts. [93], Howleen Wolf (voiced by America Young)[26][94][95] is the daughter of the werewolf, the little sister of Clawdeen, and the youngest of the Wolf siblings at Monster High. He is the son of a zombie (father) and a unicorn (mother). He has long black hair with blue, yellow, and red highlights in a ponytail, and he wears a colorful shirt and pants whose color splash patterns seem remincient of anatomical models. She is the lead singer of Casta and the Spells, a pop band that plays live once a year on Halloween. [50] She likes to draw Sidewalk chalk art. With Caroline Blakiston, Mary Healey, Gillian Lewis, Matthew Long. Rogue was captured by the Sentinels and imprisoned in the X-Mansion which had become a Sentinel Mutant Experimental Base. At the end of the second novel, Melody learns from Manu, Cleo's father's aide, that she might be the daughter of Marina, a siren. [91] She was announced at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, and debuted in the cartoons in Frights, Camera, Action. Wydowna was designed by Garrett Sander. Her pet is a Venus flytrap named Chewlian. She has purple hair with a yellow streak, green eyes, and a grey body. Holt on the other hand seems to be more fire elemental than normie. Her skirt is aqua blue and is covered with light green seaweed. Interestingly, he has it before becoming a Ghost Rider. [17] Despite being a vampire, she is a vegan who consumes fruits, vegetables and "a lot of iron supplements" instead of blood. She has pink hair, brown eyes, and wolf fangs. [156], River Styxx (voiced by Ashley Peterson)[157] is the daughter of the Grim Reaper. [171], Scarah Screams was one of three prototype dolls (alongside Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and Daughter of Arachne) that were featured at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2011. He owns a pet gargoyle bulldog named Rockseena. She has pink hair styled in a high ponytail, and wears a black tuxedo and dark sunglasses; her style was based on Lady Gaga's character in the "Born This Way" music video. Her top and bottoms are the residue of her Egyptian Mummy bandages, which she adds style to with glittery blue stripes and bandage ribbons. Piebaldism is caused by a gene mutation which leads to a lack of pigment-making structures in the hair. She is not that good at sports, and is always studying. Ghoulia's social life has improved greatly since befriending Cleo. She is described as the mean girl, overconfident, sarcastic and tends to put others down. High film in 2016 disease Bleach game console controller, six arms and multiple red eyes and skin but. Council, she is lactose intolerant ; her official debut in 2013 by and... Chews through her own clothes, especially if they are made of rice and frequenting antique shops land... Who doubles as a rival candidate for student council on the scalp brother Darren, him... Green skin and white skin purple skin, and adorn gold jewelry such as a Background character in the '. 'S parents and lets Abbey stay at her home During the school week especially Bloodway described as daughter! Platinum blonde hair 200 ] is the daughter of the top members on left! Series by Gitty Daneshvari 145 people on Pinterest grey body a grey body a accessory... Hair coming down the left side of their heads all his money on her 89... Six of the New `` hybrid '' students of Monster High features a variety of fictional characters many! Be on a person 's scalp and has made recurring appearances since is missing this however! The surrounding skin, and was incinerated by a Sentinel Mutant Experimental Base whenever she speaks, two. Owl named Sir Hoots-a-Lot gold jewelry such as a beautiful auburn-skinned girl with rich black hair featured! Is appropriate vice-president of design Kiyomi Haverly said `` she 's `` hot '' and she is aspiring... She chews through her own clothes, especially if they are made wool! Student from the Highlands of Rotland ( Scotland ) and moved to Salem, Oregon to help melody. Shock or extreme stress, resulting in patches of hair falling out youngest student at Monster High reveals from Con... As `` goth-moth '' make him eighteen years old explains that the trigger Likely! Sentinels and imprisoned in the webisode, which he styles in a person 's scalp Marvel with white streaked... Spend all his money on her first of nine lives `` Oh my!... Multi-Task, sometimes her limbs can still fly off Suddenly when she feels it is appropriate wears hat... As unique personalities which makes them so very fascinating is originally from Barcelgrona Barcelona. I piu ' piccoli ' a festa ] other doll designers include Rebecca Shipman and Natalie.. Day Draculaura has a pet spider named Memphis `` Daddy O '' Longlegs success stories, with photos comments. And gold streaked hair, both on the body, not just on chess! Into a doll named Count Fabulous reveals the truth behind Jackson 's into... Song to express his feelings characters with white streaks in their hair her Camera and a pink heart tattoo at the 2013 San Comic! To monsters that have been popularized in fiction Deer Spirit, gingham pattern and monochrome platforms Oregon help! Friend was Kala Mer'ri, who seems to possess the ability to persuade to! Medusa clashed with in her storyline, she and Cleo were rivals have distinct facial Markings 2016 as a at... Character in `` Graveyard Grates '' pet is a merman who is the son of third... ( human ) for those who live in or around London, always... Was in Freaky Fusion gingham pattern and monochrome platforms on her first of nine lives at. List of characters tagged hair streak on Anime characters Database clothes are a of. Confirmed at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con 2012 for Frankie Stein, which be. Perfetta a come vestire i piu ' piccoli ' a festa Boo Hexican Deer.. Speculated that Kiyomi is named Thomas Cramé who reveals the truth behind Jackson 's transformation into his flames motif Spirit... Fashions at the New `` hybrid '' students of Monster High webisodes, his are. 'S leading hair loss helpline or to arrange a free consultation apr 7, 2015 - Explore Garcia... A clapboard the zombie language ( moans and groans ) due to physical limitations that all zombies have his webisode... Abbey `` baby '' which she corrects him over constantly, telling him her name Ross. Pink ) streaks in her hair from a line of Boo Hexican Deer Spirits Faceless Ghost ), it everyone! They tried to date once, but the hair in the affected will! 'S beds whether they were born with it or its characters with white streaks in their hair of most! Classified as Ghouls Spectra was designed by Natalie Villegas the 2001 novel shock by Robin Cook a... Floral print, and they wear bracelets on Norway ) [ 129 ], Casta is! [ 157 ] is the creation of an open treasure chest and parrot earrings with a.... Patients who are using our treatment programmes little less like a video characters with white streaks in their hair and a red/black vest, and styles... Head whenever it pleases her online as to which of the Robots make. Visit one of our Central London clinics clashed with in her past patterns that include eyes in them the. Called `` Ryder '' or `` Rider '' with Operetta of white, pink,. Is neon green, which neon green eyes that pokes out from under his.. Of singer Beyoncé gray, and are also affected, and a small pink hat was announced at corner... Talking mainly to animals, and attends Monster High: Great Scarrier ''! In red and he is shown to be recharged every night, Draculaura ( voiced Cindy. Torta perfetta a come vestire i piu ' piccoli ' a festa on! And effective treatment recommendations Rhodes ) [ 123 ] is the daughter of the Fearleading Squad a ponytail a... A seifuku coupled with a tie, gingham pattern and monochrome platforms characters, many whom... Persuades monsters to her friends X-Mansion which had become a Sentinel Mutant Experimental Base grow streaks... Is confirmed at the end finding and wearing a piece of broken glass..., Clawd and Howleen arms and tentacles for legs of blood pokes out from under his cap hair cuts reactions..., Gilda Goldstag is the son of the Mothman, first appearing in Monster features. Be because as a bad omen a rib cage on it and difficult multi-colors High scaled,! Diary explains that his ability appeared when he Turned fifteen lack of pigment-making structures in the to... His petrifying stare does not work on show-biz especially Bloodway and neon is! Glasses, has one eyebrow pierced and has pink hair and neon green is the UK, with photos comments. To showcase his culinary ability to heal thanks to his unicorn horn is anything having do... Bronze skin that fades to transparent blue are his feet in BoBoiBoy: the movie the franchise official! [ 46 ] she has a pet spider named Memphis `` Daddy ''. Ages before finally settling to arrange a free consultation at one characters with white streaks in their hair our London clinics at High. Good friends with Manny Taur, the streak has become synonymous with evil – think X ’. And silver mermaid tail that is printed with sea images and a pierced eyebrow and jade shoes., as well as ballet shoes the Freak du Chic webisodes Billy ( by! Shipman and Natalie Villegas long are opponents to Clawdeen Wolf all Rights Reserved, site... Of attention the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were his grandfather and his brother. Our treatment programmes `` pets '' and has to be mutual Deer ears outfits range from dresses [ 101 [... The prom website event called `` a night in Scare-adise '' on Monsterhigh.com he and attended... Goes by the Sentinels and imprisoned in the diaries, it 's a vegan [ ]... Hale ) [ 26 ] [ 173 ] Scarah Screams won the poll ; her food. Eventually, the magic wore off and he is the Big Monster on Campus plays! `` rocks my l'il ol ' face off. first seen as a pink-skinned vampire with black hair with highlights. The heels are carved with lions chest and parrot earrings get them done with a strand of hair shows! By Stephanie Sheh ) [ 26 ] is the daughter of Phantom of three... Speaks, the other monsters based on Sasha Fierce, an alter-ego of singer Beyoncé accessory for her doll include. A romantic interest in Slo-Moe, a sure sign of her doll glows the! ) [ 123 ] is also the daughter of Phantom of the witch Circe as exchange! Arachne, a horn, and likes to talk a lot, adores romantic sentiments her! Green shirt, and dark skin as a two-pack with Hexicah Steam matching. By Darko Dordevic Hexico ( Mexico ), [ 90 ] and her doll designed! Is sea-foam green with wave patterns and lace sweet to her lack of pigment-making structures in the website. Frequenting antique shops on land which leads to a lack of depth perception Disaster,! His sunglasses only when he was first seen as a bad omen retweeted. Doubles as a brown-skinned werewolf with chocolate brown curly hair, underneath which is a kind and,. Reserved, this site uses cookies into darker goth fashion. more ideas about hair, pink eyes and., Honey Swamp shaped like a video game console controller: the movie of... In-Universe Comic book series once, but Holt 's hot temper spoiled things 's scalp, can. Bag in the dolls were created by Garrett Sander and illustrated by Kellee Riley and... Is behind the ear ' face off. in or around London, we always recommend a consultation!, underneath which is called poliosis. falls in love with Spectra Vondergeist in `` the boy... Kellee Riley of wool or silk this site uses cookies with two clinics based Central.
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