Write a Tagline: A tagline is a short, memorable phrase that associated with your service. Just as some dogs are not comfortable around some types of people, they may not be great around other types of dog. "A good dog handler, with well-behaved dogs, should be able to walk six large dogs at a time.". Becoming a dog walker is natural career path for animal lovers. When it comes to starting a dog related business, most people are only familiar with dog breeding, dog grooming and dog walking. A dog walker will take the dogs on a half hour or an hour-long walk. Once you know how to provide the desired kind of pet care service to your clients, you need to do some research on the market. ", Learn to Read Bad Situations A business plan will help you define how you’re going to run your dog walking or pet sitting business, market yourself, get sales, make a profit and grow. Choose from a range of experienced dog walkers nearby. You also need some knowledge about marketing and accounting, along with an ability to write and understand a contract. It may look leisurely, but the real truth is that dog walking is far from a … Before just going out and soliciting everyone with a dog for business, take some time to figure out if there are any breeds you are less comfortable around. Australia Australian Business Number (ABN): 85 161 047 123, Jobs With Babies: 15 Great Career Options to Work With Babies, 101 Fun Things to Do With Kids This Summer, Babysitter Traits: What the Best Babysitters Have In Common. If there is high demand for them, that’s a good thing for you, but that means more competition as well. Advertising Your Dog Walking Business At a minimum, print out a few business cards and fliers. Be Knowledgeable About Dogs You may also consider attending a course in pet medication, animal first aid or animal psychology. How to Start a Dog Walking Business Set your goals. The surrounding environment is important. Insurance is available that is specifically tailored to provide coverage for pet … "Be aware of your surroundings and be watchful by constantly scanning the area throughout your walk" Suhosky says. Smaller things include answering the phones, returning calls, replying to emails, communicating with dog owners, etc. How to Start Working as a Freelancer: Tips to Start Out, What is Shift Work and How to Organize It, How To Deactivate Metrobank Direct Account, What are Active and Passive Assets in Accounting, How to Be a Certified Investment Solicitor in the Philippines, How to Set Up an Etsy Shop: Step-by-step guide. Also have a look at the types of services they are offering and the rates they are charging. If you are a dog walker, do not accept any clients who contact you for pet sitting. "I would always walk unknown dogs one or two at a time before I'd walk a larger group," Terroux says. To market any new business, you need to handle both online and offline marketing aspects of it. You need to do some research first, including the expenses and income you would need to consider for the first year. "You should have good dog handling skills and a thorough understanding of dog socialization techniques. Then take a look at what other professional dog walkers are charging." There are numerous things you should check out at the initial level, so that you can be sure your business will turn out to be a success. You should also know how to read canine body posture". If you are strictly a dog walker, make sure that your clients know not to contact you for pet-sitting services. Booking a dog walker with Pawshake is easy and safe. "It sprays 10 to 12 feet and will deter about 95 percent of approaching dogs or coyotes. But if you mean to do this for your long-term living, your business requires the same loving attention you give to those cheerful dogs in your care. The following are some tips from experienced, professional dog walkers who have chosen to make a career out of their passion: … Experience is essential. Check licensing requirements in your area and get any necessary permits. … Care.com is an online venue for care seekers and care providers to connect with each other. "Some breeds get over-stimulated more easily. By knowing your goals, being patient and starting slowly, you can transition from office drone to successful dog walker. This doesn't stop once you get going, but should continue to grow alongside your business, providing updates and celebrating achievements. Becoming a dog walker in South Africa can be a great way for you to earn extra money as a side hustle or even start your own dog walking business. Set Your Boundaries Create a profile on Care.com and start applying to dog walking jobs. Although you will be spending most of your working time with dogs, you need to approach the work professionally. This will prepare you for the most significant aspect of your business and allow you to offer your services with more confidence and assurance. Care.com Australia Pty Limited, PO Box 629, North Sydney NSW 2059. Change your path so other dogs do not pass each other. 1. Know Your Limits Organise a free meet and greet. If you love dogs, why not combine your passion with a lucrative career option. Meet your sitter for free before you make a dog walking booking. The more you give back to your community, the more your business will prosper. As a dog walker, you will need both training and experience to control dogs while walking them. Post pictures of your business proceedings and of cute dogs that you handle. "Joining a professional organization will also help promote a new business because you'll be able to gain more insight into the profession while networking with others in the industry and exchanging ideas and business tips.". Ted Terroux, owner of Ted Terroux Dog Training, and Sherry L. Suhosky, president of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and managing and senior partner of Jack Rapid Runners, LLC, share tips on how to grow your dog-walking business. Many community colleges offer courses for non-degree seeking students. You can do all these things yourself, or set aside budget to get them done by other professionals.