When I received the original ring it was not what I thought was pictured. Emerald Zamurd Stone Original Natural Emerald (Panna) in Urdu is referred to as Zamurd, Feroza Sabz. Natural stone has been used for every function imaginable, from weapon crafting and shelter construction to monument erection and even as a bartering currency. 525 per ratti to Rs.50000 per ratti. An Original Pukhraj Stone can be available in number of varieties ranging from Rs. Emerald/ Zamurd (زمرد) Description: beautiful original Emerald green Weight: 4.5 crts Quality: Natural Shape: rectengular Diamond Cutting eye clear piece Colour: Leaf Green Home delivery All Pakistan Cash on Delivery available . if you want to purchase real gem stones in Pakistan Please contact Us. DHA City Karachi, ... Rs 5,000 Brazilian Zamurd Emerald Panna 100 % original & all stones available. The beginning of name emerald from the Greek ‘smaragdos’ method green. Mens Emerald Stone band Original Emerald rings Real Emerald ring Zamurd stone Description Natural Emerald from Panjsher Ring Dark Green for men and women. At GemPundit, you can buy emerald stone online from a huge catalog of emeralds on sale covering different origins and weights, suiting your budget and astrological requirements. Original Pukhraj Stone. Emerald Zamurd Stone Origin. Rs 3,000 Stones emerald Swad wala original… Natural Stone. Panjshir Emerald Price, Buy Emerald, Emerald For Sale, Emerald Price,Emerald Price in Pakistan,How to Price Emeralds,1 Carat Emerald Price, Emerald Ring Prices,Emerald Gemstone Prices,Emerald Value per Carat,Value of 1 Carat Emerald, If you want in metal ring (not silver) price will be about $50-$100 at origin. To me in the picture it looked like the ring had gold around the prongs as this was a manifestation from the lighting and camera used to take the picture. It is better to buy original emerald online certified by reputed national and international laboratories to avoid being passed on fake, synthetic stones. Rs 5,500 NATURAL EMERALD STONE (ZAMURD) Karimabad, Karachi Dec 19. Points to be considered before buying an Original Pukhraj: To Buy Original Pukhraj Stone one has to first of all understand that any Gemstone will have a vast range of qualities available. Natural Stone: The Original Building Material. Here is a list of Gem Stones. Emerald stone in Pakistan ( Zamurd ) Emerald stone in Pakistan is a gemstone and variety of the mineral beryl, colored green by a trace amount of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Feroza Stone (Rehmat Ka Pathar ) Pukhraj Stone (Shuhrat ka Pathar) Ruby Stone (Yaqoot | Ilhami Pathar) Neelam Stone (Insan Shanas Pathar) 100% Original Stone … If you wear that ring you will look very beautiful because of the color of this … Rs 45,000 sawat emerald stone tabeeh. Buy Online Zamurd Stone We Provide 100% original gem stones in Pakistan, India and Iran. Price is also second information to determinate original Dur Al Najaf stone jewelry. Purchase Original Gem Stones in Pakistan. Zamurd Natural stone has an indelible imprint on the long history of mankind. Zamurd Stone has its norm in terms of the precious Gemstone, we also have an emerald stone specimen that is also attached to the parent rock in rugged shape, Hunza Gilgit is the root of the emerald zamurd and also has a range of Chinese, Skardu shigar valley & Peshawar. Emeralds are attractive gem stones. Wapda Town, Lahore Dec 16. Zamurd Stone represents the planet Mercury. It could be very steeply-priced Gemstone. Dur Al Najaf prices for shaped, thumbed, cleaned and polished stone is between $40-$80 for standard ones at origin. Original Pictures are attached.
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