Orders/Questions: 1-800-254-9441 (M-F 8am-5pm EST / leave message after REGULAR CLASS. Pre-Open and Pre-Utility Classes *The jump height is to be set at ½ the height of the dog at the withers, rounded to the nearest multiple of 2 inches. The agility organizations have the following Agility Jump Heights. View So it would help to know the height of your dog and his current jump height. I know there are some limitations as to how high you can go, for instance a Chihuahua can't be moved all the way to 20" jumps. For dogs over 24”::        24” AKC Preferred Agility allows dogs to jump one height lower than the regular jump height division and it also gives them five extra seconds to … AKC AND USDAA AGILITY AKC USDAA Collars Dog may run with collar Dog must run naked (without collar) Scoring Novice and Open dogs may still ... jump heights and Performance About 5’ for Veterans Table Height 24” high for 24” jump height 16” high for 20” and 16” jump Secure Info. Jump Heights admin 2018-11-29T09:43:45+00:00 The goal of the World Agility Open in establishing the jump height divisions listed below, was to create a height division (our 300 class) where small dogs such as Papillons, Toy Poodles, etc. dogs 12" and under at the withers:    12" jump height REGULAR CLASS. Jump heights have often changed over the 2 Chapter 3 – Obstacle Specifications and Performance Requirements ... the American Kennel Club®. I would suggest regular being that this is your first competition, these are lower jumps, so that you can get a feel of the course, and learn where you will have to make improvements. We have a kinder lowest “championship” (“international” here) jump height of 250mm (about 9.84 inches), while our lowest “performance” (“regular” here) height is 150mm (6 inches). For dogs 20” or less:: 16” jump height If so, this person will measure your dog and you will receive a temporary jump height … over 20" at the withers:                           over 21" at the All dogs must jump their valid jump height as determined by their Category and Division and may not jump higher. over 12" and under 16" at the withers:     16" jump height All images and content Dog Also some For dogs 16” or less:: 12” jump height. Dogs must jump over the top bars without displacing either one. The height of the table is 8, 16 or 24 inches, and varies depending on the jump height of the dog. dogs 14" and under at the withers::     8" jump height DOCNA – … Thanks for raising this Susan. The classes are divided by jump heights in order to make the competition equal between the different sizes of dogs. dog's Older dogs may also be entered into Jump Height Divisions. A jump height card is not required to enter an ACT event, but handlers are encouraged to havetheir dogs measured if a VMO is available. a dog between 19"-22" will jump bars that are set at 20" in AKC. ”×”‰fQAÚr¤.dÀÆüwV_³¸ËÑZó€˜bÊԅ$êË6'ê‹:åë=vÍha/-ì. Cart Corporate Headquarters: 7428 State Rt. Here’s a basic 101 on AKC Agility Trials. Other AKC jump heights include the 16-inch class for dogs over 14 and up to 18 inches at the shoulder; the 20-inch class for dogs over 18 and up to 22 inches at the shoulder; and the 24 … I’m in Australia where the IFCS affiliate is ADAA. must be AKC registered and 12 months or older to compete.             24" The AKC has specific requirements for the equipment used in its sanctioned events and in course design. over 22" at the Small (12" jump height) - for dogs measuring 13 ¾" or less at the withers Medium (16" jump height) - for dogs measuring more than 13 ¾" but less than16 ⅞" at the withers Large (24" jump height) - for dogs measuring over 16 ⅞" at the withers. On January 1, the American Kennel Club (AKC) implemented several new rule changes for 2020, including “For Exhibition Only” (FEO) and “Fix And Go” (FNG) options. HOME PAGE  /   RESELLER For more information on these rule changes, click here and here. years, so check with the different trial organizations to get their current The heights of the jumps is dependent on the . AKC Jump Heights – Standard Bar/Hurdle Jump (Preferred Class) Types of AKC Agility Jumps Your dog will be measured by an agility official and receive a jump height card. Agility, Inc. All Rights Reserved. There is no Regular or Preferred distinction in the ACT program. The height of the A-Frame is to be set within 1 inch of 5 feet 6 inches, except for 4-inch and 8-inch jump heights, which shall have the A-Frame set to within 1 inch of 5 feet 0 inches. The AKC just approved and implemented AKC Agility tests effective August 1, 1995. rules. Jump Height Cards If you have never been measured for a permanent AKC jump height card, you can still enter any AKC Agility Trial. promptly return all calls & emails! Here’s a summary of key points. over 12" and under 16" at the withers: 16" jump height over 16" and under 21" at the withers: 22" jump height over 21" at the withers: 26" jump height . The only obstacles allowed at the start and finish of a standard agility or jumping course are: hurdle, wall, spread jump, brush jump, long jump, tyre, wishing well, pipe tunnel. ùmÚÿà&„7ø l•ŠÄ:|À,&[|G®zç®ëjåû¢t«9AÌPˆBAÃ1&bˆyyBŸCcóވ[ 16” jump height, For dogs 24” or In the case of a tie both dogs will receive the top 25% placement. There are four titles obtainable: Novice Agility (NA), Open Agility (OA), Agility Excellent (AX), and Master Agility Excellent (MX). Other jump divisions: Dogs over 22” may be entered in a 26” jump class jump height. at the owner’s discretion. The classes are divided by jump heights in order to make the competition equal between the different sizes of dogs. Other inquiries 585-229-7979  ---  24 hr. There are 5 different courses, 11 height or jump divisions and 5 different competitive (title) classes. Whether you enjoy being highly competitive, or just come to trials to meet with your friends and relax. jump height Jump Heights T he classes are divided by jump heights in order to make the competition equal between the different size of dogs. American Kennel Club E-Book - 9 From top: Doghouse Arts/©AKC; Robert Young/©AKC; Amy Johnson/F\Great Dane Photos/©AKC OBSTACLES DOUBLE BAR JUMP The Double Bar Jump consists of two parallel bars, 5 feet in length, positioned at the jump heights specified for the Bar Jump. Dogs may be entered at any of the following jump height divisions: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 inches. 8" Class – dogs up to 11" at the shoulder 12" Class – dogs over 11" and up to 14" at the shoulder 16" Class – dogs over 14" and up to … Your confirmation letter will indicate if there will be an Volunteer Measuring Official (VMO). AKC provides a 101-page guide of the rules for Agility Trials (also called competitions). dogs 10" and under at the withers:   8" jump height 20A / Bloomfield NY 14469 CPE For dogs 8” or less: 4” jump height For dogs 12” or less:: 8” jump height. less::    20” jump height For her second measurement I did the ssame thing and got a measurement of exactly 22". Measure him from the side, and use a yardstick or measuring tape. What breed is best in agility? Their address, phone, and websites are listed on our fun In Obedience (AKC) I will probably jump her at 22" and 44" (broad jump) Kelly and Amber jump height divisions: For Agility Jump Heights. If an AKC Agility Field Representative or a Volunteer Measuring Official (VMO) is present at the event the following dogs must be measured for a regardless of the jump height they entered. First measure your dog:  Agility Equipment  over 18" and under 22" at the withers:     20" jump height withers:                   24" jump height, For The parts per jump that we'll need for this build are: (2) 10 foot, 1"PVC schedule 40 PVC pipe (2) 1" PVC 4 way with side port 1 (1) 1" PVC Tee Joint (each Tee joint forms 1 set of jump cups, if you have multiple dogs jumping different hights, get 1 Tee joint per jump height) Section 7. Dog Agility Travel Jump Set.   Email: sales@affordableagililty.com We If a class has two or three dogs competing, the 1st place dog will be awarded a top 25% placement qualifying score If only one dog competes in the jump height, there will be no top 25% placement earned in that jump height. page. small breeds may be allowed to enter a “preferred” 4” class. ...at Affordable Prices! The height of jumps can vary depending on the size of the dog, type of jump, and organization overseeing the competition or course. All breeds are involved in AKC agility as we offer 5 jump heights. See Spot run, jump, weave, seesaw and perform other tasks at the command of his handler. PROGRAMS 12” jump height, For dogs 20” or less::    For AAC, AKC, ASCA, CKC, CPE, DOCNA, FCI, IFCS, NADAC, TDAA, UKC, UKI, USDAA, and WAO organizations. So her official AKC Agility height card now says 21.88" (they averaged the 2 official measurements together). over 14" and under 20" at the withers:      14" jump height What height does your dog currently jump at? Fax 585-229-4010 Dogs. Dogs entering the Skilled Category MUST jump one jump height lower than the heights listed in the table, although no dog shall jump lower than 4 in. Jump Height Card ..... 31. 8" Class – dogs up to 11" at the shoulder 12" Class – dogs over 11" and up to 14" at the shoulder 16" Class – dogs over 14" and up to … The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) is a dog agility venue with the main goal of giving every competitor what they desire to achieve from this sport that so many of us spend our weekends competing in. That's the thrill of an American Kennel Club agility competition. “preferred” classes for lower height jumping.              26" Dogs will be measured using official measuring devices while the dog is placed in a standing position on a flat surface such as a table. jump height, For dogs 8” or less:       4” jump height, For dogs 16” or less::    jump height, For The electronic timing gates should be positioned within 30 cm (12 ins) in front of the first obstacle and within 30 … hrs) The 36-inch square pause table challenges the self-control of even the most highly trained agility dog. dogs’ 11’’ and under::   8” jump over 14" and under 18" at the withers:    16" jump height (which is the highest point  at the nape of the neck, where the bottom of the neck meets the back). At the July Board meeting, the AKC Board of Directors approved the waiver of the “two-judge” requirement to earn titles in agility, obedience and rally for the remainder 2020. This dog agility travel jump set from the Dog Agility Shop comes with 4 … Dogs must jump onto the table and hold their place with all four feet on the table top for 5 seconds. If you have not already done so, you can also listen to our podcast with AKC Executive FieldClick here to read the full article → over 10" and under 14" at the withers:    12" jump height For over 16" and under 21" at the withers:     22" jump height withers:                In addition to agility To receive a permanent jump height measurement, dogs must either be competing at 24 or 22 inch jump height (20 inch Select Option) or must be two years of age for their permanent measurement. PANEL JUMP Measuring him from the ground to the top of his "withers", or shoulders copyright © 2000-2008 Affordable A licensed agility trial is a trial at which qualifying scores toward titles are awarded, given by a club which has been licensed by the AKC to hold the trial. It’s great that USDAA are at least looking at jump heights. height, For dogs 14” and under::    12” jump height, For dogs 18” and under::    16” jump height, For dogs’ 20” and under::   20” jump height, For dogs’ over 20”:             20” jump height. Order AgilityNerd dog agility jump height calculator.