He was given two prison sentences, to run concurrently. “The purpose of a consecutive sentencing statute is to deter persons convicted of one crime from committing other crimes by removing the security of concurrent sentencing.” 130 sentence examples: 1. Who gives us meet but not concurrently give us forever. With a consecutive sentence, however, a defendant serves time for each crime. The court must impose a concurrent sentence unless there is statutory authority for imposing a consecutive sentence. ; The concurrent sentiment of the church was expressed by the overwhelming vote of about 200 to 20 of the male members. A concurrent sentence allows a convicted criminal who has pleaded guilty to multiple crimes or been convicted of multiple offenses to serve their prison sentences at the same time. Concurrent sentences are distinct from consecutive sentences. 4. 2. On the contrary, consecutive sentences are sentences that are served one after another. So, if the judge in the above example were to order that the sentences run concurrently, the defendant’s sentence would be three years—she would serve the two-year sentence simultaneously with the three-year sentence. People v Sawyer, 410 Mich 531, 534 (1981). It may consist of a single operation, or of successive or concurrent operations. For more detail on these concepts and the surrounding law, see Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences, and Double Punishment. Because his prison sentences run concurrently , he could be The prison sentences will run concurrently. A sentence can range from a fine and community… SUSPENDED SENTENCE A sentence which is not imposed at the time judgment is rendered, usually alternative sentencing… DOOM In Scotch law. Sentences imposed under this subsection shall be served concurrently. ; Soon, by concurrent steps, the day began to break and the fog to subside and roll away. A concurrent sentence is when the sentences are allowed to overlap. Like a concurrent sentence, a consecutive sentence can be issued when a defendant has committed multiple crimes. They somewhat shorten the defendant's jail time because he or she is allowed to serve more than one sentence simultaneously. 3. Concurrent Sentence. : They passed a two-month consecutive term for the assault, with a concurrent 14 days for criminal damage. A message from the Senate informed the House that the Senate have passed a bill, entitled "An act supplemental to an act entitled 'An act for extending the terms of credit on revenue bonds, in certain cases, and for other purposes;'" also, a bill, entitled "An act to change the post route from Annapolis to Rockhall, by Baltimore to Rockhall;" to which they desire the concurrence of this House. He will serve the 2 years for theft and then after that serve the further 3 years for criminal breach of trust. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "concurrent" The movie is being premiered concurrently in three different film festivalsThe murderer is serving two concurrent life-sentences. Concurrent sentencing differs from consecutive sentencing, which forces the convicted criminal to serve both sentences one right after the other. A concurrent sentence is a legal decree where an individual found guilty on multiple convictions must fulfill the terms of imprisonment corresponding to each violation at the same time, conferred on the defendant by the judge as a caveat of leniency or plea bargain deal. 7.2 Conc urrent and Consecutive Sentences. A consecutive sentence is when jail terms run one after the other. ; In an idea word-embodied, the embodier, then, possesses with God concurrent ownership. SENTENCE (A) Punishment in a criminal case. Concurrent sentences are sentences that are served at the same time. SENTENCES TO RUN CONCURRENTLY See concurrent sentence. : Besides, another really laudable step was the running of coaches and umpires' clinics concurrent with the National Championship. In the scenario above, X will serve a total of 5 years. Accordingly, he proceeded to pass the sentences of 8 years concurrent on each count. Consecutive sentences may only be imposed under the exceptional sentence provisions of RCW 9.94A.535. Consecutive Sentence. The movie is being premiered concurrently in three different film festivals.